PLM NYS ELAP 198.8 - Vermiculite


PLM NYS ELAP 198.8 - Vermiculite


The NY ELAP 198.8 is a method approved by the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) and the New York State Department of Labor (NYS DOL) for the detection and quantitation of asbestos content in Surfacing Material containing Vermiculite (SM-V).

Scope of the Method

The NY ELAP 198.8 method is applicable to Surfacing Material (SM), which is defined as a material that is sprayed-on, troweled-on, or otherwise applied to surfaces for acoustical, fireproofing, or other purposes. The method is used when vermiculite is present in the material, regardless of the amount. If vermiculite is not present, then other methods such as Items 198.1 or 198.6 must be used, as appropriate.

Sample Requirements

Each of the methods requires larger samples compared to the 100-500 mg listed in Items 198.1 and 198.6. For these methods, the client is required to submit a minimum of 10 gm of Surfacing Material to the laboratory. This ensures there is enough material available for a repeated analysis if required, and to ensure materials for archiving.

Industry Implications

The approval of these methods for the identification and quantitation of asbestos in Surfacing Material has implications during the demolition, renovation, remodeling, and/or repair of buildings that fall under the authority of NYS Industrial Code Rule 56. For future projects that have no associated survey, one of the new methods and current NYS guidance must be used. For projects in progress using an old survey, re-sampling and use of one of the new methods is recommended, but not required unless there is a change to the project design requiring a change order.

Additional Notes

  • No disclaimer is needed for SM-V even for non-ACM SM-V if approved methods are followed.
  • Disclaimers are at present still required for all other vermiculite containing materials tested that are reported as non-ACM (e.g., TSI, or miscellaneous).
  • Loose fill vermiculite cannot be tested and must be presumed to be ACM.


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