Asbestos Testing in Naturally Occcurring Asbestos (NOA)


Asbestos Testing in Naturally Occcurring Asbestos (NOA)


In recent years, there has been a growing focus on determining and characterizing naturally occurring mineral deposits, specifically asbestos, erionite, and other fibrous minerals. Asbestos samples collected from environments outside of buildings present a unique challenge for analysis. These minerals can exhibit chemical variations depending on their location and are often found alongside other minerals. Therefore, comprehensive analysis and the expertise of a skilled team are required to properly characterize these samples.

ALLAB (Asbestos Laboratory) specializes in the analysis and testing of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA). As a certified and accredited laboratory, we have extensive experience in conducting NOA analysis and can assist you in achieving your analytical goals. Our laboratory is at the forefront of the field, dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results.

At ALLAB, we understand the complexities involved in analyzing naturally occurring asbestos. To meet the specific objectives of your project, we offer fully customizable analytical plans that are carefully tailored to your needs. Our experienced analysts utilize advanced analytical instrumentation, harnessing its power to deliver precise and detailed data for your project.