Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) Spectrometer

At Allab, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable results for our lead testing services. To achieve this, we utilize the state-of-the-art Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) Spectrometer PinAAcle 900, a product of PerkinElmer, the undisputed leader in atomic absorption.

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Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (PinAAcle 900) at Allab

Understanding the PinAAcle 900

The PinAAcle 900 series is engineered with an array of exciting technological advances. It offers a variety of configurations and capabilities to deliver exactly the level of performance needed for precise measurements. The system is highly efficient and intuitive, capable of simplifying the journey from sample to results, even with the most difficult matrices.

The PinAAcle 900T Model

For labs needing the best in both flame and THGA furnace AA, the PinAAcle 900T is a combined flame/longitudinal Zeeman furnace system. This model allows us to switch between flame and furnace in seconds. Its high light throughput optical system, combined with a solid-state detector, provides the best efficiency and signal-to-noise performance of any AA system on the market.

Enhanced Features

The PinAAcle 900T features cutting-edge fiber optics for improved detection limits and the TubeView™ color furnace camera for easier autosampler tip alignment and sample dispensing. It also allows us to monitor drying and pyrolysis during analysis for simpler method development.

Software Control

The PinAAcle 900T is controlled by Syngistix™ for AA, a workflow-based software designed to speed and simplify the journey from sample to results across a wide range of atomic absorption techniques. For regulated labs, the Syngistix Enhanced Security™ option is available that fulfills their special needs, such as those operating under the rules of 21 CFR Part 11/EU Annex 11.

Lead Testing at Allab

With the PinAAcle 900T, Allab is able to provide accurate and reliable lead testing results. The advanced technology and features of the PinAAcle 900T enable us to handle complex samples and deliver precise measurements, ensuring the safety and health of our clients and the environment.



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