Mold Testing

Mold Testing

If you're concerned that indoor mold might be polluting your air quality and aggravating allergies.

About the service

If you’re concerned about mold in the air of your home, you can get some peace of mind by understanding exactly what to test for. Luckily, testing is very accessible; there are many different ways to do it and Allab can help you every step of the way.

There are a few different situations in which you might need mold inspection. Let's consider when an inspection is needed, what testing does and the average cost.

  • If you notice a damaged floor, ceiling, or wall that has been exposed to moisture, there is the possibility of mold growth.
  • When you buy a new home, it is impossible to know whether you are purchasing a home with hidden problems.
  • If a house has been closed up and unoccupied for months or years, moisture could have built up inside and caused mold to grow.
  • After you've taken care of a mold problem, it makes sense to regularly inspect your house to make sure that the mold will not come back.
  • If you notice some green, blue, black or white stuff growing in your house, do a mold inspection to see if it's a health hazard and needs to be remediated.

What will a mold inspection cost me?

As a rough guideline, home mold inspection costs about the same as regular home inspection.  On average, mold inspection costs $300 to $400 for small to medium-sized houses (below 4,000 square feet). Above 4,000 square feet, the cost of inspection increases to the $700 to $900 range. Testing costs extra and may or may not be included. Local regulations may also incur additional costs.

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